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Interesting and strange questions about everything in life….. ( 2 )


It may include some funny and strange information and contains many of these questions that could interest the reader

Is running without shoes better than running with shoes? And tremors during sleep ؟ And is zero an even or odd number 


Born to run barefoot !!  

Q: What is the basis for studies that say that running without shoes is better than running with shoes?

  A: These studies say that the origin is for humans to run barefoot, as they have been doing since they appeared on the surface of the Earth.

And he didn’t know

Humans were running shoes until they were invented in the 1870s. In their opinion, humans were born to run without shoes.

Studies, the latest of which were issued by Harvard University, say that athletes who use shoes land forcefully on the heel of the foot with every step, causing damage to them in the long term. As for someone who runs barefoot, the burden is distributed throughout the foot. The runner who uses shoes hits the ground with a force up to three times the force with which the barefoot runner hits the ground Which increases the risk of foot injury due to tension and stress…and it is common for running without shoes in East African countries

Barefoot runners have previously won numerous running championships, such as Ethiopian Bekele, who won the 1960 Olympic marathon over competitors wearing shoes.

Tremors during sleep

Q: Why does a person sometimes shiver while sleeping? This tremor is sometimes associated with dreams 

 A… Tremor is a type of shaking that a person feels like he is falling from a high place

  Also, for example, it is involuntary muscle contractions, and the matter may be related to experiences or stimuli that cause the muscles to contract each other, and it may be external influences to which the person has been exposed.

  Then the muscle returns to relaxation again, which is also called the beginning of the sleep phase, which translates itself into a sleep tremor, a sleep tremor, or a drowsy tremor. This tremor can occur in the transitional phase between wakefulness and sleep for humans.

This is a women’s thing

  Q: Why is it difficult to produce male birth control pills that mimic these 

A: If we approach the matter from the standpoint of metabolism, we will find that the reproductive requirements for women are very high, so it becomes easier to stop fertilizing an egg for a month instead of looking for conditions that would be unsuitable for men.

For example, if a woman is already pregnant, it will not benefit her to seek to end her pregnancy by implanting another embryo in her uterus.

Hence, once a woman becomes pregnant, the hormone levels in her body change to prevent ovulation and the descent of other eggs into the uterus.

Birth control pills that women take can mimic these changes to trick the body

As for the man, his reproductive requirements are greatly reduced, and the man will not become unable to reproduce simply because he had intercourse with a woman and caused her to become pregnant.

Therefore, the man does not have some kind of natural ability that stops his ability to reproduce temporarily or permanently after he gives birth, which can be dealt with through hormones.

If contraceptive pills are developed for men, these pills must deal with the ability to produce sperm, their life, or their vitality

With the artificial ejaculation process itself, the pill that plays this role will cause many problems and will have unwanted side effects.

Is zero an even or odd number?

A number is even if it can be formed by combining two similar numbers. Therefore, zero can be formed from the sum of two zeros, which makes it classified as an even number.

There is another way to answer the question. Odd numbers leave a fraction when divided by two, but zero does not leave any fraction, so it can be considered an even number.

the shadow

Q: If a person could be invisible and invisible, would he have a shadow?

A: No… The shadow is formed when a straight line emerging from a source encounters a solid body that blocks its path and causes it to change its path.

This object that it collides with must, as a result, be less illuminated than the surrounding area.

At the same time, it must not be completely dark, as indirect lighting from other surfaces is reflected on it.

If you want to have a shadow while you are invisible, this means that you absorbed or reflected the light rays that struck you.

If that happens, you are no longer invisible. If you do not understand this, then you should imagine that you are standing in the shadow of an invisible person.

  Will you see the sun at that time or will you not see it? If you see the sun, it means there is no shadow.

If you do not see it, that means that these shadows are not invisible.


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