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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Twice

What Is Red Dead Redemption 2 

It is a game that was founded in 2018 and talks about gangs and cowboys in 1889, It is manufactured by the famous Rockstar Games company, which was established in 1998



It talks about people trying to live in illegal ways, such as robbing banks. The story begins with a person named Arthur Morgan, who is the hero of this story.

As Arthur Morgan lives with his adopted family, which is led by Dutch van der Linde,  It is the one through which the theft and killing operations take place, with his famous word that it is the last operation, and it begins with the most enjoyable story and graphics ever, and it also contains 6 chapters and 2 epilogues

John Marston

Micah Bell

Sadie Adler

Charles Smith

Hosea Matthews

Abigail Marston

The game also contains stunning and natural scenery, an open world, the ability to smoke inside the game, eat and enjoy riding horses, and there are very hot places and cold places where it i freezing and snowing, and the player feels cold and hot as well, and this makes the user feel that he is inside the game and spends longer times in it after the story



Its online is not like Grand Theft Auto V, but it is fun with friends in the unique missions and horses that you enjoy in the online phase only because the story is based on specific horses
And you also enjoy the open world with your friends and missions such as theft and fighting with gangs, and most of them are players like you
It is an integrated game that contains all animals such as lions, tigers, dogs and cats, and you can hunt sheep and all animals and make leather jackets and ancient weapons such as elephant weapons, which is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game

It is one of the best games of 2018
That made us adore cowboys. I hope you try and play it

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