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Earn money online by typing and solving captcha codes

There are many people who are looking for financial income through the Internet, and there are multiple areas of profit from the Internet

 some of which require a certain skill, and some that do not require skill, and profit from the captcha is a field that does not require skill

 but simple knowledge of how to solve the CAPTCHA and if you want to work in this field You have to save time and patience and make efforts to solve  as

  many captchas as possible, because the more captchas you solve, the more you earn


Earn money online by typing and solving captcha codes


This method is a source of income for some Internet workers who want to work from home

Earn money online by entering captcha codes

Entering captcha codes is the simplest and most reliable way to make money on the Internet.

To do this and to earn – you only need a computer and a keyboard. The point of entering captcha codes is that there are a lot of

 images that cannot be automatically recognized and customers are willing to pay to recognize the characters in these images. 

We have made a convenient service where such images are collected and created a suitable format for entering text from the image. All you need — Correctly entering the text from the image (with Captcha verification codes). 

You will get paid for each captcha you enter.


How does a captcha earning site work


As the work of these sites is that they solve the captcha codes for the benefit of large companies and sites for a certain price

, then after you solve this captcha and name inside the working site where you are working on solving the captcha codes and the price is determined

 for each thousand captchas and the more you solve the more captchas Whenever you win, for example, a site can pay you $0.5 or more 

for every thousand captchas, and this varies according to the type of captcha and according to each site in determining the price of one thousand captchas


The best and most reliable captcha profit site


About earnings on 2captcha.com


2captcha.com is the website where you can make your first money on the web.

 Indeed, the earnings here are very few, and the work is monotonous, 

but you can be sure that you will get the full income earned,

 and no one will cheat you. 2captcha.com is an excellent start on your way to big profits in the net.



What do you need in order to work within this site


For work you will only need a computer or phone with access to the Internet. And also you will need to undergo a simple training, which takes less than 5 minutes


How it works within the site


Working through 2captcha is very simple – Just click on “start to work”, and the system will give you the images that contain the text

 and you just need to enter this text in the input fiel


Who needs all this, why should we pay for captcha recognition


We have clients who send us captcha codes for us to decrypt. By entering captchas, you save time for very busy people.

 They don’t have time to solve captchas themselves, so they are willing to pay for entering captchas.


Reviews about 2captcha


Type in Google “2captcha reviews” and you will find thousands of comments and instructions on how to work with 2captcha.


Terms of work on the site


You can work whenever you want and as you like. The service works around the clock, and work is always available.

 You can work 1 minute, and you can work 8 hours straight. We do not downgrade those who work a little, and we do not in any way force employees to stay at work for a long time.


 To access the site, click on the following link


click here

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