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One of the benefits of fasting

The benefits of fasting and modern medicine

Modern medicine no longer considers fasting a mere voluntary process that a person may practice or refrain from. Therefore, after scientific studies and careful research on the human body and its physiological functions, it has been proven that fasting is a natural phenomenon that the body must practice to be able to perform its vital functions efficiently and that it is very necessary for human health. Just like eating, breathing, moving, and sleeping, just as a person suffers and even gets sick if he is deprived of sleep or food for long periods, so he is bound to get worse in his body if he refrains from fasting

One of the benefits of fasting for the body

The reason for the importance of fasting for the body is that it helps it carry out the demolition process in which it gets rid of old cells as well as cells that are more than it needs. The processes of demolition and construction, and this is the opposite of what people used to think that fasting leads to emaciation and weakness, provided that fasting is at a reasonable rate as it is in Islam, where Muslims fast for an entire month in the year and after that, it is Sunnah for them to fast for three days in every month as stated in the Sunnah the PROPHITE Mohamed peace be upon him.
Fasting takes the place of a surgeon’s scalpel that removes damaged and weak cells from the body. The hunger that fasting imposes on a person moves the internal organs of his body to consume the weak cells to counteract that hunger, opening up the body to a golden opportunity to recover its vitality and activity, as it also consumes diseased organs and renews their cells, as well as Fasting is a protection for the body from many harmful increases, such as stones, calcium deposits, polyps, fatty cysts, and tumors at the beginning of their formation

Benefits of fasting for diabetics

Fasting is the best opportunity to lower the blood sugar level to its lowest levels, and accordingly, fasting gives the pancreas gland a wonderful opportunity to rest. The pancreas secretes insulin, which converts sugar into starchy and fatty substances that are stored in the tissues. Then, finally, he is unable to do his job, so sugar accumulates in the blood, and its levels gradually increase until diabetes appears. Treatment centers have been set up all over the world to treat diabetics by following the fasting system for more than ten hours and less than twenty, according to his condition, then eating very light meals, for a consecutive period of not less than three weeks. This method has achieved impressive results in treating diabetics without any chemical drugs

Of the spiritual benefits of fasting

  :Tom Burns of the Columbia School of Journalism says
“I consider fasting a deeply spiritual experience rather than a physical one.” Although I started fasting to rid my body of excess weight, I realized that fasting is also very useful for sharpening the mind, as it helps to see more clearly, generate new ideas, and focus emotions. I spent several days of fasting at the Bowling Spa until I felt I was going through an experience of tremendous spiritual transcendence
“I have fasted many times so far, for periods ranging from one day to six days, and the motive at the beginning was the desire to purify my body from the traces of food, but I fast now to purify myself from everything that stuck to it during my life, especially after I circumambulated around the world for several months, and I saw the horrible injustice in which many people live, I feel that I am responsible in one way or another for what happens to these people and so I fast atonement for this

When I fast, my craving for food disappears completely, my body feels very comfortable, and I feel distracted from impulses and negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, and the love of dominance, just as I distract myself from things I am stuck with, such as fear, confusion, and boredom. All of this I find no effect with fasting. I feel a wonderful response to other people during the fast, and perhaps all that I said is the reason why Muslims, as I saw them in Turkey, Syria, and Jerusalem, celebrate their fast for a month a year in an attractive and spiritual celebration that I have not found anywhere else in the world

Benefits of fasting for arthritis patients

It has been proven by scientific experiments in the countries of Russia that fasting can be a decisive treatment for patients with arthritis, and they attributed this to the fact that fasting completely rids the body of waste and toxic substances, by consecutive fasting for not less than three weeks, and in this case the germs that cause this disease. It is part of what the body gets rid of during fasting. Experiments were conducted on a group of patients, and the results proved an impressive success

:Solomon Rogers from New York says
“I had a severe case of arthritis three years ago, and although it was non-chronic, it was enough to hinder me from long walks and runs, and I could not sit for more than half an hour without feeling completely stiff in my legs
“I tried treatment in different ways, all of which failed, then God wanted me to meet a friend of a negro Muslim, and we were during her days in the blessed Ramadan, and I was very impressed by the very idea of fasting
I started fasting, and I used to eat fresh, very green vegetables, fruits, and dates only at the time of breaking the fast, and after that, I only ate a main meal at suhoor, and now I can run very quickly, praise be to God, and all my pain is gone after long suffering

The benefits of fasting for patients with skin diseases

Fasting is useful in treating skin diseases, and the reason for that is that it reduces the percentage of water in the blood and its percentage in the skin, which works to
Increase skin immunity and resistance to microbes and bacterial diseases
Reducing the severity of skin diseases that spread to large areas of the body, such as psoriasis
Reducing sensitivity and reducing oily skin problems
– With fasting, the secretions of the intestines of toxins decrease, which reduces the rate of fermentation that causes boils and pimples continuously

:Mrs. Elham Hussein, an Egyptian housewife, says
“When I was ten years old, I was in a severe case of psoriasis, that disease that appears in the form of red spots covered with a scaly layer, and in its days I had no hope of recovery, after a number of more famous dermatologists in Egypt said to my father: I must get used to I have to get along and live with your daughter who has psoriasis, she is a long and heavy guest
By the second decade of my life, as I approached the age of marriage, I became depressed and isolated from society, the chest was unbearable, and finally one of my father’s friends proposed to me. To fast, and he said to me: Try, my daughter, to fast one day and not fast another day, for fasting has cured me of a disease in my wife, and the doctors did not know her treatment, but they knew that the Healer is God, and this is the means of healing in His hand, so ask Him first to heal from your illness, then fast after that
Indeed, I started fasting. I was looking for any hope that would get me out of the hell that surrounded me, and with time I would have breakfast on vegetables and fruits only, and after three hours I ate my main meal and took a break the next day, and soon. To everyone’s amazing surprise, the disease began to recede after two months of fasting. I could not believe myself when I look normal and see the effect of the disease fading day after day until, in the end, my skin has never been affected by this disease in my life

Fasting, without exaggeration, is the most capable and cheapest weight loss doctor ever. Fasting inevitably leads to weight loss, provided that it is accompanied by moderation in the amount of food consumed at the time of breaking the fast and that the person does not fill his stomach with food and drink after fasting


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